Wheat Growers offers firefighting skids for sale

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As harvest continues to heat up, so does the risk of combine fires. With that in mind, Wheat Growers has assembled a firefighting skid that can slide into the back of an 8-foot pickup box. The unit has a 500-gallon water tank, 70 feet of hose on an electric hose reel with an adjustable fire nozzle and a pump that is powered by a gasoline engine and is capable of spraying water as far as 100 feet.

“Wheat Growers commitment to safety extends to our member owners as they work with us to bring in another record crop this harvest season,” Reed Storley, Wheat Growers Parts and Equipment Manager, said. “Unfortunately, fires are common at harvest and this unit, which is basically a portable fire truck, will help a farmer stop a fire in its initial stages.”

Anyone interested in purchasing a unit should contact the Bath Agronomy location at 605-225-3280.