NDSU releases Carpio Durum

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Durum growers who are contemplating which varieties to plant next year have another option to consider, Carpio, which has been released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.

Carpio has high yield potential that is combined with excellent quality. Carpio has been given an overall quality rating of “excellent” by North Dakota State University cereal chemists.

The rating is based on agronomic, milling and pasta-processing performance. Carpio has very good protein content and test weight and has the highest mixograph, gluten index and firmness scores among NDSU’s varieties.

In addition to outstanding quality, Carpio has shown excellent yield potential in NDSU yield trials, as well as very good yield stability across multiple environments. Carpio also has larger kernels than Mountrail.

The scab tolerance of Carpio is close to that of Divide, which is slightly better than Grenora, Alkabo, Lebsock, Mountrail and Pierce. Carpio has a moderate level of resistance to foliar diseases, which is similar to Divide and Mountrail.

The first distribution of Carpio registered seed is slated for 2015. For more information about Carpio foundation or registered seed availability or other varieties, contact a local NDSU Extension Service agent, NDSU Research Extension Center or NDSU Foundation Seedstocks, or refer to the North Dakota Field Inspected Seed Directory.

Carpio is protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act. Varieties protected with PVP-Title V can be sold only as a certified class of seed. Producers who initially acquire a PVP-Title V- protected variety as a certified class of seed have the right to use saved seed for their own planting purposes.

A research fee also will apply to registered and certified seed sales of Carpio and will be collected from the labeler by the North Dakota State Seed Department (NDSSD) on behalf of the NDSU Research Foundation. For more information on the research fee schedule for Carpio and other varieties, refer to the 2014 North Dakota Field Inspected Seed Directory or contact the NDSSD.

Carpio was named after the northwestern North Dakota town in Ward County.

For more information about Carpio and other NDSU varieties, visit the NDSU Foundation Seedstocks website at or contact NDSU Foundation Seedstocks at (701) 231-8140.