First wearable Google Glass application for ag

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Forward thinking is what makes Basecamp Networks stand out from the rest. Basecamp Network’s mantra of “Changing the idea of work,” has started with the most important industry in the world; agriculture. Known as one of the most technologically advanced industries, agriculture is expected to grow upwards of 70% by 2050. Feeding the world is no easy task, but the team at Basecamp Networks is doing their part.

Why all this attention?

What is the most important tool to a farmer? His or her hands. IntelliScout is the world’s first wearable hands-free agriculture application utilizing Google Glass, and it has been attracting attention from around the globe.

Craig Ganssle, Basecamp Networks’ CEO explains, “Everyday is exciting as I open up my in-box to discover who is asking for more information about IntelliScout and how Basecamp Networks can visit with them to discuss their needs. We are interacting with individuals from the fields of France to the growers of California, we are excited in how IntelliScout can and will be used across the globe.”

Image recognition plays a big part in IntelliScout when crop scouting. Using machine-learning algorithms, IntelliScout actually learns the various diseases and pests identified in the process of crop scouting. This process will enable more accuracy in the role of defining and recording crop performance.

While all of this hands free automation through image recognition, crop scouting, and data collection will further motivate the farmer to get up before sunrise, it is the automated task of kernel counting that will potentially cause a stir within the corn commodities market. IntelliScout can count the kernels on an ear of corn with +90% accuracy in less than 9 seconds.

Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, a crop production and cropping systems specialist at Kansas State University, has been an advocate for IntelliScout since mid-summer. “We are excited to be partnering with Basecamp Networks in assisting to provide continued excellence in agronomic expertise and crop production. When placed in good field conditions, IntelliScout will be changing the way people estimate corn yield at the field-scale.”

When Basecamp Networks arrives on the farm with IntelliScout, an arsenal of wireless capabilities accompanies them as well. Basecamp Networks deploys wi-fi networks over entire farming operations that can equal tens of thousands of acres. This is something farmers have been interested in just as much as the ability to work hands free with IntelliScout. Ganssle explains, “We know that the hands-free farming concept and accompanying wireless solutions will enable farmers to do more, their job is hard enough as it is. What Basecamp Networks is doing is providing an overall package that makes certain aspects of their day-to-day easier. Wearables and wi-fi are just a part of this and are only the beginnings of our capabilities. Because of what Basecamp Networks provides in conjunction with IntelliScout, there’s nothing that farmers can’t do…from anywhere. “

Ganssle promises that this is only the beginning for Basecamp Networks, “We are excited to use this momentum to make a positive impact on how technology continues to improve farming.”

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