Bieber Red Angus Ranch 2014 Fall Production Sale results

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November 13, 2014

140 Registered Bred Red Angus Cows: $3,634

71 Coming-Two Year old Red Angus Bulls: $6,700

249 Commercial Bred Red Angus Heifers: $3,115

Red Angus Coming 2s

200 BIEBER SAMURAI A461, $15,500, Langdon`s Red Angus, Benson, NC

171 BIEBER EPIC A439, $12,000, 21 Ranch, Sundance, WY

179 BIEBER GOLDRUSH A424, $12,000, Hansmeier & Sons Inc, Bristol, SD

183 BIEBER EPIC A481, $12,000, S&S Cattle Co, Aberdeen, SD

166 BIEBER H HUGHES A459, $10,500, Tom Porter, Glen Elder, KS

164 BIEBER CYCLONE A 454, $10,000, Tom Porter, Glen Elder, KS

168 BIEBER OLY A405, $10,000, Spurr Farms Inc, Houghton, SD

Spring Calving Cows

7 BIEBER PRIMROSE 292X, $14,000, Pasilee Carlson, Slack Farms, Harrisburg, SD

2 BASIN PRIMROSE 0T43, $10,000, Rhodes Red Angus, Faulkton, SD

4 BASIN PRIMROSE 24T9, $6,500, Kats Red Angus, Prairie View, KS

6 BASIN ROSE 57T2, $6,500, Kats Red Angus, Prairie View, KS

1 BASIN ROSE 06T0, $6,000, Bryce Risa, Opheim, MT

20 BIEBER MINOLA 181Z, $5,500, Bryce Risa, Opheim, MT

3 BASIN PRIMROSE 70T9, $5,500, Trine Owen, North Richland Hills, TX

19 BIEBER TORTANNA 157T, $5,250, Aaron Schlenker, Montpeilier, ND

9 Bieber Top Line 258Y $5,250, Ponderosa Cattle Company, Sherwood, ND

Commercial Bred Heifers

33 head Due March 1, Aied to Bieber Hard Drive Y120, $3,650, Steve and Amy Bieber, Beulah, ND

Volume Buyers


11 head George Cooksley, Anselmo, NE

11 head Dave and Pat McGraw, Wellington, CO

8 head Tom Porter, Glen Elder, KS


5 head Claymore Ranch, Shawn Clyamore, McLaughlin, SD

5 head 21 Ranch, Sundance, WY

Commercial Heifers

73 hd Steve and Amy Bieber, Beulah, ND

Cattle sold to 18 states, over 500 people view the sale on DV Auction.