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Kattle Kings

The Kattle Kings met on Nov. 9 at the Ramada. The U.S. Flag Pledge leader was Dillon Browning, and the 4-H Pledge leader was Olivia Oye.

Special Club Activities: The club set up the voting center at the Warner Community Center for Election Day. The Kattle Kings club received the Brown County Community Service Award. Numerous members attended the Brown County 4-H recognition event. The club leader was recognized for 20 years of club leadership.

Other Business Discussed: The members will set up a Christmas tree at the Dacotah Prairie Museum. Members will purchase Christmas gifts for the Humane Society. The club will also buy a goat through Samaritan’s Purse for the needy in third world countries. The members discussed purchasing robots and cars to do as a club project. Members also discussed what types of chickens they will purchase for the upcoming year.

The next club meeting will be on Dec. 23 at the Warner Community Center.

— Emily Wiedebush

Dakota Sharpshooters

The Dakota Sharpshooters met on Nov. 9 at the Ramada. Before this meeting was the annual recognition event which took place at 2 p.m.

There were no pledge leaders because the pledges were performed during the recognition event. The group discussed some community service ideas for this year: bean soup packets, clean up after SPURS barn party, helping at the humane society, or bell ringing. All members need to enroll on

The next meeting will be Dec. 2, 7 p.m. at Northern Electric. The next meeting will be the club Christmas party. All members are asked to bring a present that costs $3 or less for the gift exchange and a small plate of goodies to share.

— Submitted by Grace Malsam, club reporter