Nutra-Flo introduces new PureGrade SRN line of slow-release nitrogen products

Farm Forum

N. SIOUX CITY, S.D. – Nutra-Flo Company announces the PureGrade SRN product line, a new line of five slow release nitrogen products, to provide growers with multiple slow release nitrogen options to best suit their crop’s needs.

PureGrade SRN can be soil or foliar applied to all crop types to correct nitrogen deficiencies and extend the nitrogen release period for improved efficiency. With the benefit of being a low-salt product, it encourages plant safety and acts as a carrier for fungicide and herbicide.

When attempting to reduce environmental losses, slow-release nitrogen should be considered in the fertility program. This application reduces the amount of nitrogen leaching and reduces nitrogen volatilization for better nutrient uptake which leads to higher yields.

“Applying your entire nitrogen program before planting is not the most ideal use of N. By splitting nitrogen applications, growers have the ability to manage risk before critical growth stages,” said Dennis Zabel, Nutra-Flo Agronomist. “Nitrogen undergoes volatilization and denitrification throughout the growing season which leads to leaching and runoff. A PureGrade SRN product will help to reduce these environmental losses and improve efficiency while maximizing yields.”

The PureGrade SRN product line is available through a network of more than 600 dealers across North America for the 2015 season. For more information on the five different slow release nitrogen products or to order, contact the Nutra-Flo customer support team by calling 1-800-831-4815 or emailing