North Dakota has acres available for CRP enrollment

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FSA has announced that 82,800 acres in North Dakota are now available for wildlife habitat improvement incentives.

FSA is accepting applications to enroll more acres in the State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) program and the Farmable Wetlands Program (FWP). Both programs are part of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) whereby FSA contracts with landowners so that environmentally sensitive land is not farmed or ranched, but instead used for conservation. Targeted wildlife species in North Dakota include pheasants, prairie chickens and waterfowl.

Of the new allocation, 50,000 acres are devoted to the Farmable Wetlands Program (FWP), and 32,800 acres are devoted to the State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) program.

Program participants establish long-term plant species to control soil erosion, improve water quality, or strengthen declining wildlife populations. In return, participants receive annual rental payments between 10 and 15 years.

The SAFE program allows state fish and wildlife agencies, non-profit organizations and other conservation partners to target the Conservation Reserve Program within distinct geographic areas to help wildlife. SAFE is limited to 1.35 million acres nationally, with 97 projects in 36 states and Puerto Rico.

The FWP program is a voluntary program to restore farmable wetlands and associated buffers by improving the land’s hydrology and vegetation.

Interested landowners can enroll acres in a designated wildlife project in their state at any time. Participants and land must meet certain eligibility requirements. Other restrictions may apply. For additional details, contact your local Farm Service Agency office at or visit the website at