Dairy that won challenge of CapX2020 going out of business

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NEW PRAGUE, Minn. (AP) — A small New Prague dairy will stop selling milk just months after winning a legal fight over a high-capacity power line across its land.

Cedar Summit Farm owners Dave and Florence Minar announced the news on their website effective the end of January. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the Minars declined to comment further.

The Minars challenged the $2 billion CapX2020 power line, arguing it would ruin the dairy. They used a state law that says utilities that threaten a farm’s existence must buy the land if the owner wants to sell.

The utilities behind CapX2020 had argued the law didn’t apply because their transmission structure took up less than an acre. A judge sided with the Minars in August, ruling the power line affected the whole property.

The Minars said they would continue selling beef.