FNA and AgraCity expand into United States

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Kansas City, Mo. — Farmers of North America (FNA), a North American farmers’ business alliance, recently announced a major strategic expansion of its organization into the United States. What makes this move doubly advantageous to U.S. farmers is that FNA is bringing with it its major supply partner, AgraCity Crops and Nutrition.

“We’ve already got people on the ground and plans in place to begin offering U.S. farmers the opportunity to join the FNA business alliance, and take advantage of the value we offer particularly through our supply partner, AgraCity”, says FNA President & CEO, James Mann. “When the organization began back in 1999, the name was chosen because we knew that the U.S. was part of the long-term plan,” adds Mann.

The first stage of U.S. market entry will begin with the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. FNA and AgraCity U.S.A. teams are already in place, recruiting FNA members and bringing AgraCity’s competitive farm inputs to those members.

Farmers of North American USA COO, James Webb, is excited and ready for the launch. “Farmers of North America is a proven model that will definitely benefit American farmers. It’s hard to argue with the kind of success we’ve had north of the border; tearing down glyphosate prices and launching an advanced project to build a nitrogen fertilizer plant,” Webb said.

Mann explained that expansion into the U.S. has a lot of benefits for both Canadian and U.S. farmers and current members. “The FNA business alliance succeeds through farmers working together, providing the market power needed to balance the monopolistic forces that are capturing far too much of the value of farmers’ work. Having a strong presence in the U.S. will make the organization stronger, and provide benefits for members in both countries that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

Key to the success of entry into the U.S. is the ability to provide members real value. The exclusive supplier to FNA Members of many key farm inputs, AgraCity Crops and Nutrition, Inc., is ready to deliver that value with its own team of people. AgraCity’s core business is the procurement, production, packaging, sale and distribution of crop inputs (fertilizers, crop protection, adjuvants, seed and petroleum products) and other ag-related products to stakeholders in a value added manner. As part of its work with FNA Members, AgraCity is committed to the FNA mission of maximizing farm profitability of its Members.

AgraCity USA Country Head, Jeff Novak, believes the AgraCity model is going to fill a need for farmers in the U.S. “AgraCity’s business model is to grow by focusing on the success of our customers. Maximizing farm profitability means delivering competitively priced products to farmers based on a reasonable return and eliminating unnecessary costs and services.”

Novak said AgraCity has a proven track record of bringing new generic products to farmers and generating savings in several farm input categories.

“From crop protection to oils and lubricants, American farmers will see products and pricing designed with the farm’s bottom line in mind,” Novak concluded.