AgriLabs announces next generation Colostrx with USDA-licensed dual-claims

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — Successful beef and dairy producers know that a big threat to newborn calves is failure of passive transfer (FPT) of immunity. Basically, it’s when calves don’t get enough natural disease protection passed to them from the dam. That’s why AgriLabs is introducing the newly reformulated, USDA-licensed Colostrx, a colostrum replacer and supplement designed to ensure calves receive valuable immunity and antibodies needed to survive.

The next generation of Colostrx CS and Colostrx CR has a USDA dual-claim to aid in the treatment of FPT of immunity and to aid in the prevention of death associated with Escherichia coli K99 in colostrum-deprived neonatal calves. These two risk factors greatly impact the survival and performance of newborn calves.

“Producers generally get one chance at getting calves off to a strong, healthy start,” says Adam Yankowsky, Business Unit Manager. “USDA-licensed Colostrx products are specially formulated with true maternal bovine colostrum from U.S. Grade A dairies. They’re complete with essential first-day bioactive components, proteins and antibodies, which newborn calves must receive.”

High-quality colostrum key to calf health

It is well documented that colostrum provides calves with the nutrients and essential antibodies (predominantly immunoglobulin IgG 1), needed for survival. A sobering reality is seen in the findings of a recent nationwide evaluation on the quality of colostrum. It found almost 60 percent of maternal colostrum on farms is inadequate. This deficiency leaves large numbers of calves at risk of FPT and/or bacterial infections. In fact, this same study reported nearly 45 percent of all colostrum fed to calves contained enough pathogenic threats to endanger calf health.

The risks associated with poor quality colostrum can hit hard. Calves experiencing FPT or receiving inadequate concentrations of IgG antibodies are more likely to lack vigor, have diminished performance, be unable to compensate adequately for stress, as well as being at risk for increased mortality or morbidity.

“The calf’s immune system is the number one priority,” said Dr. John Lounsbury, Technical Services Veterinarian for AgriLabs. “When maternal colostrum is of insufficient quality or volume, producers should implement a colostrum supplement or replacer to their newborn calf-processing regiment. This helps ensure calves receive an adequate amount of quality antibodies.”

Colostrx: USDA-licensed

Products licensed as Veterinary Biologics by the USDA have production methods assured to be free of infectious agent transmission. This involves regular inspections and approvals of manufacturing processes and facilities.

Colostrx CS and Colostrx CR are tested to be antibiotic-free, synthetic hormone-free and pathogen-free. These products deliver 50 and 100 grams of bovine origin IgG and a full natural dose of E. coli K99 antibody with each feeding — that’s extra protection for your calves and peace of mind for you.

“AgriLabs is committed to helping producers improve animal health and productivity,” Yankowsky said. “That’s why we will continue to expand and enhance our calf-care line of products to meet producer needs.”