A new online look for American Angus Association

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In today’s digital world, a Google search reigns supreme.

After typing a few simple keywords, Internet users are immediately delivered an endless pool of websites, social media pages, news articles and information. There’s more research, more tutorials and more tools available than ever before.

Yet with so much information, it can be challenging to navigate to what is most useful.

For businesses and organizations, the key is providing practical and engaging online content in a simple format that’s user-friendly and reliable. The American Angus Association® recently released substantial updates to the organization’s website, www.angus.org, including improved navigation of the multifaceted site.

Now, a streamlined interface makes it easier to find specific resources using drop-down menus focused on essential topics ranging from performance and management to marketing, sales and news.

“Our organization is proud to host one of the most widely used websites in the beef cattle industry,” says Bryce Schumann, Association CEO. “It’s our challenge to continue to adapt online tools that provide Angus breeders what they need to improve their herds and run successful businesses.”

When visiting the new homepage, take a minute to check out a few of the Association’s most widely used pages.

Search the animal registry and access AAA Login

If you have an animal’s name or registration number, you can search for them in the Association’s database. There, you will be able to see the pedigree and performance information associated with that animal, its ancestors or progeny. In addition, you can also search for American Angus Association members throughout the country.

Enter your member code and password to access AAA Login — a powerful recordkeeping program that assists with herd management and links to Association services. AAA Login navigation currently remains the same, but keep an eye out in the future for more intuitive design updates and menu changes.

Find breaking news and announcements

The newsroom is home to everything you need to know from the Association: the latest announcements, news headlines and reminders. By clicking on the “News” drop-down menu, you can also access video segments from The Angus Report and I Am Angus, and visit the Angus Journal website to catch up on the latest issue and online-only content.

View sale books and Angus sale reports

A complete listing of upcoming Angus sale dates and sale books is available under the “Sales” menu item online. Offered through Angus Productions Inc. (API), you can flip through sale books from across the country, read sale reports submitted to the Association and search for upcoming sales in your region. New features added to API-hosted sale books offer the ability to search individual lots for specific performance criteria, including expected progeny differences (EPDs).

Access selection tools and genetic information

The American Angus Association hosts an interactive resource for all genetic selection tools, including its weekly release of genomic-enhanced EPDs and dollar value indexes ($Values), as well as the biannual Sire Evaluation Report. The online capability allows you to search the complete suite of EPDs, dollar-value indexes ($Values) and other critical performance measures.

See the latest show results and coverage

Access the Events tab to stay up-to-date on the latest showring coverage and news from the Association’s Roll-of-Victory (ROV) shows and junior competitions hosted throughout the country. There’s also a list of current ROV show standings, classifications and other important information when preparing for show day.

Access the new Member Center for important documents and information

A most recent feature launched on www.angus.org is the Member Center, which outlines helpful resources for members to get the most out of their Association membership. There, you’ll find links to specific rules and forms, policy information, suggested sale terms and conditions, details on awards and recognition, and the complete Breeder’s Reference Guide.

Find an Angus breeder in your area

Association members are found in nearly every state in the country. If you’re looking for registered-Angus cattle, odds are, they are not far away. Under the “Marketing” drop-down menu, you can use the Find an Angus Breeder tool to locate registered seedstock breeders throughout the country. You can also access a directory of Association member websites.

Digital technology is changing the way we do business, the way you sell cattle and stay in touch with customers year-round. The American Angus Association is proud to be using innovative tools to give Angus breeders an advantage in the marketplace.

If you do not have a website for your seedstock operation, consider hosting one through API’s Web Design team. A talented team of web developers in Saint Joseph, Mo., makes it their priority to provide industry-leading web service to Association members and cattlemen of all types. They specialize in rich digital media — offering photos, videos and interactive content that keep customers on your website.

Visit www.angus.media/web-design to learn more about how to get started on a new website launch or redesign.

Visit www.angus.org to access the American Angus Association’s new site.