Educating students with accurate ag books

Farm Forum

Huron, S.D. — South Dakota Farm Bureau has taken an active role in educating children across the state using books filled with accurate agricultural information. Farm Bureau volunteers enjoy the opportunity to read to elementary students and helping with an activity that relates to the agricultural commodity that book is representing.

South Dakota Farm Bureau is proud to announce that two of their 2015 agricultural books have to do with honey production directly, which South Dakota is known for. “The Beeman” written by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis is a great book about life as a bee keeper. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the steps it takes to get honey to your table. The second book is titled “What is pollination” by Bobbie Kalman. It takes a detailed look at steps of pollination for an elementary school level student.

The South Dakota Women’s Leadership Team has also developed a book in a bucket, which is just as it sounds. It is a bucket filled with supplies and activities for the teacher to use with the book. Students will truly enjoy the activities that have been developed and the teachers enjoy the fact that the core standards are attached to the lessons. This year’s bucket is about honey!

South Dakota Farm Bureau has also adopted the new American Farm Bureau Federation Accurate Ag Book of the Year for 2015 “The apple orchard riddle” by Margaret McNamara and G. Brian Karas. This book takes the students on a field trip of an apple orchard. An interesting fact is that flowers on apple trees also contribute to honey production!

If a school or teacher is interested in having someone visit their classroom to read the book and do an activity with the class about bees or apples, please contact the South Dakota Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Team coordinator Bonnie Dybedahl at (605) 366-9992 or the South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation Office at Phone: (605) 353-8050. Books with accurate agricultural information are also available to purchase at those same numbers.

South Dakota Farm Bureau is excited to have the chance to educate students about agriculture.