2015 acreage reporting deadline is July 15

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Acreage reports must be filed for all cropland on the farm before any 2015 Price Loss Coverage (PLC) or Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) payments can be made or before eligibility can be established for marketing assistance loans and Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs). Participants of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and the Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP) must report the specific acreage for which benefits are being requested.

The deadline for submitting a timely filed acreage report for the 2015 crop year is July 15, 2015. Producers are reminded that filing an accurate acreage report for all crops and land uses, including failed acreage and prevented planting acreage, can prevent the loss of benefits for a variety of programs.

Producers who request prevented planting acreage credit must report the acreage and complete a CCC-576, Notice of Loss, within 15 calendar days after the final planting date for the respective crop as established by RMA or FSA. Producers must establish to the satisfaction of the County Committee that all cropland that was feasible to plant and prevented from being planted was affected by a natural disaster rather than a management decision. Additionally, producers are required to prove that preliminary efforts to plant the crop are evident, such as disking the land or orders for purchase or delivery of seed and fertilizer.

Producers requesting failed acreage credit must report the acreage before disposition of the crop to receive credit for that crop. The County Committee must be satisfied that the acreage was planted under normal conditions, but failed as a result of a natural disaster and not a management decision.