Agriculture industry’s champion growers show producers how to increase yields and profits at Conklin Pro Grower Day Events

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Kansas City, MO — Kip Cullers, world-record holder for soybean production, and Jerry Cox, 24-time National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) winner, will give progressive producers an inside look at valuable information on new agriculture technologies and specific recommendations for this growing season for corn, soybeans, hay and wheat at Conklin Pro Grower Day events, scheduled across the nation for late spring/early summer.

“These regional events have been scheduled to demonstrate what Conklin’s AgroVantage System has to offer those looking to take their yields to the next level,” explained Charles W. Herbster, Conklin Owner and Chief Executive Officer. “What a great way to introduce farmers to the benefits of adding AgroVantage System products to their management practices yet this year, and introduce a new foliar fertilizer Kip Cullers’ has developed with Conklin. Growers are encouraged to take advantage of this unique agricultural event that can have a tremendous impact on this growing season.”

As a fifth-generation farmer from Nebraska, Herbster realizes the impact agriculture has on the world and is committed to providing proven products with the Conklin AgroVantage System that lowers input costs and increases profits. In addition, he brings his first-hand knowledge to all Conklin products and tests each new formula on his farms located in Falls City, Neb., before it is released for sale.

Conklin AgroVantage is one of the most advanced and proven crop management systems on the market today. Developed through more than three decades of field trials and national research, Certified Crop Advisors and progressive producers recommend and use Conklin’s AgroVantage System—and that number continues to grow.

National and state yield champions Cullers and Cox will introduce others to the crop management system of choice for today’s top producers as scheduled key speakers at Conklin Pro Grower Day events, which will include field plot tours and provide the opportunity for producers to learn from top growers.

“Improving yields is something every farmer aims to do year after year. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I’m not afraid to try new things as well as new products to help me continue to take my yields to the next level,” said Cullers. “I’m teaming up with Conklin to try to improve yields for every farmer in America. At these Conklin Pro Grower Day events, you can learn how Conklin’s AgroVantage System will benefit your farming operation for years to come.”

“By following Conklin’s AgroVantage recommendations, our input costs aren’t skyrocketing the way they would with a conventional program,” added Cox, who has captured the most national wins through NCGA of anyone today. “Using the AgroVantage System, we’ve seen our overall farm average corn yields increase by 95 bushel per acre (BPA) from 2001 through 2014. My highest contest yield implementing the AgroVantage System has increased 100 BPA, from 249 BPA to 349 BPA!”

Guest speakers at the upcoming series of Conklin Pro Grower Day events may vary by location. Former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman will attend many of these meetings scheduled across the country. As the state’s longest-serving governor, Heineman was presented with several opportunities after leaving office. With a real understanding of the importance of agriculture in America, he chose to work with the Conklin Company and its owners, Mr. Charles W. and Judy Herbster, who are on a mission to keep the American farmer in business and profitable.

“Over the past few months, I have been traveling with Charles, as well as top producers Kip and Jerry, and sharing with others what the Conklin AgroVantage System can do for their yields. I have not experienced anyone more passionate about helping other growers,” said Heineman. “These champions use their experience in the industry and with AgroVantage System products to help propel farmers’ yields above and beyond their expectations. It is a great chance to learn from this unbeatable team!”

Top producers and guest speakers will share how Conklin’s AgroVantage System can boost the genetic potential of crops, increase yields and maximize return on investment in this series of Conklin Pro Grower Days, which compliments Conklin’s Regional AgroVantage Field Days scheduled each fall. Regional Field Days allow growers to see firsthand the benefits of the AgroVantage System through test plots and hear from local growers as well as award-winning farmers. Following the growing season, Conklin schedules a series of Pro Ag trainings where thousands have learned how to grow their profits and enhance their yields by putting the experts’ knowledge to work for them and taking the guesswork out of diagnosing nutrient requirements for their crops.

“Conklin Pro Grower Day events are just one more tool in the toolbox for farmers to take advantage of what top growers and champion producers have already learned,” shared Herbster. “Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Kip and Jerry at the upcoming Conklin Pro Grower Days across the country to learn about how the Conklin AgroVantage System and Kip Cullers’ Nutrient Compass Foliar Fertilizer can impact your yields. This meeting is sure to make a difference in your bottom line.”

Conklin Pro Grower Day events already scheduled for 2015 include:

• May 19 – Platteville, Wis.

• May 20 – Hastings, Neb.

• May 28 – Emporia, Va.

• May 30 – Geneseo, Ill.

• June 2 – Plymouth, Ind.

• June 3 – Plain City, Ohio

• June 10 – Milton, Pa.

• June 12 – Fargo, N.D.

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