Air seeder runs smoother with Vesconite Hilube

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Silt, sand, clay—farming is tough on equipment, especially on parts that are designed to move freely. Landtegniek Agricultural Equipment uses Vesconite Hilube bushings in its 32 row Agrodisc Air Seeder to keep the implement working strong throughout planting season.

Air seeders are complicated pieces of machinery. Each moving part needs to function flawlessly or it may double or skip. Entire rows may not get seeded correctly, resulting in poor stands and lower yields. Landtegniek Agricultural Equipment had used other engineering plastics and even lubricated sintered bronze in the implement’s swivel joints. Nearest to the hub and closest to the soil, these bushings take a beating.

After seven years of testing, and 1,600 hectares of use per season, Landtegniek Agricultural Equipment is now fitting its 2015 range of planters with Vesconite Hilube bushings. The company is confident that the move will prove to be the right choice for its equipment.

The innovative polymer is perfect for agricultural applications. Self-lubricated, the advanced material excels in dirty and wet conditions—even when submerged, the product does not swell. With an exceptionally low friction dynamic, Hilube has no stick-slip. It has ten times the wear life of bronze and requires very little maintenance. It can be used continuously up to 212º F in dry applications.

South Africa-based Landtegniek Agricultural Equipment builds a wide range of agricultural equipment. The company’s air seeder is used primarily for wheat and has a 3,300 lb. seed capacity. Its fertilizer hopper can carry 660 gal. of liquid or 4,400 lbs of dry pelletized. To capture higher yields, the seeder is set to plant 9″ rows. It requires a minimum of 130 hp to operate effectively, optimally runs at around 6–8 mph and has a folded road width of 13′.

Vesconite Hilube is easily machined to close tolerances using common metal or woodworking tools. Vesconite offers final precision-tooled custom parts and raw materials with tolerances of +0.012″/-0.000″. The polymer is available for immediate shipment in a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses from the company’s Texas warehouse. To request a sample, contact