Dakotas lead in production of nearly a dozen commodities

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BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The latest rankings from the federal Agriculture Department show that the Dakotas lead the nation in the production of nearly a dozen farm commodities.

North Dakota leads in spring wheat, durum wheat, oil sunflowers, honey, flaxseed, canola and pinto beans. It’s also the top state in the production of all dry beans and all wheat.

South Dakota leads in bison, oats and all sunflowers.

North Dakota is second in all sunflowers, as well as in confection sunflowers, black beans, navy beans, lentils and dry peas. South Dakota is second in hay and honey.

North Dakota has the seventh-most land in farms, at 39.3 million acres. South Dakota is fifth, with 43.3 million acres.