South Dakota Farm Bureau Cares Trailer visits Delmont

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Huron, SD (May 21, 2015)–The “Farm Bureau Cares Trailer”, a special trailer outfitted with a large custom-made grill, was taken to Delmont to grill hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs on Friday, May 15, 2015. Eighteen South Dakota Farm Bureau members and staff traveled to Delmont, S.D. to serve meals to the town’s residents, the Red Cross, and tornado cleanup volunteers. Counties represented by Farm Bureau member volunteers for the day were Douglas, Hutchinson, and Charles Mix.

While in Delmont, Farm Bureau volunteers saw just how much destruction the tornado that touched down on Mother’s Day caused. Some of the Farm Bureau volunteers delivered meals to families on their farms, as well as around the town where people were working. Farm Bureau volunteers were told all day how much the meal was appreciated by residents and volunteers.

“It’s really neat that we have an organization that cares for the well-being of the people of South Dakota, and they show that through the South Dakota Farm Bureau Cares trailer,” said Darrell DeBoer, Douglas County Farm Bureau President. Douglas County had nine members present helping to serve the meal in Delmont. DeBoer stated, “When I started calling around to the emergency management, the Red Cross, and now, when I’m standing here, people are really, really thanking us for coming in. Every little thing helps, it gets to be a big deal, and when you’re dealing with such a disaster both physically and emotionally. When people can come in and contribute to the process of healing, it just makes that process better.”

The South Dakota Farm Bureau volunteers worked closely with the Red Cross, which was in charge of the disaster relief efforts taking place in the town. The Dakotas region American Red Cross volunteers were very grateful to the Farm Bureau for coming in and cooking the meal for the people in Delmont.

Nancy Young, Red Cross Volunteer from Fargo, N.D., said “We were absolutely thrilled when we found out that the South Dakota Farm Bureau wanted to bring the Farm Bureau Cares trailer in and cook a meal for the people in Delmont. They came in and said that they have all of these people here, we’ll do the serving, delivering of to-go meals, and everything. It was wonderful, and we greatly appreciate it.”