The cattlemen’s black book

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For years, Angus producers from across the country have kept herd records using the pocket-sized Beef Record Services (BRS)/AngusSource black books. Stacks of the books, some dating back more than 30 years, contain handwritten information about the producer’s cattle, memories of where their operations have been and where they are today.

Every detail counts when it comes to managing a profitable herd, and the American Angus Association is now accepting orders for the 2016 edition of the black book.

“Black books can be the most cost effective herd management system for your operation,” says Ginette Kurtz, Association director of commercial programs. “They are a popular item with both registered and commercial producers of all sizes.”

The 2016 books are available in any quantity for $3 each and can be customized, free of charge, with purchases of 100 or more. Customized orders may include the operation’s logo and contact information foil stamped onto the back cover, while standard orders feature the Association’s logo.

Orders must be placed no later than July 31and customized orders should be proofed prior to sending in the information.

Offered through the Association’s BRS program and AngusSource, the black books are a way for cattle producers to collect the information they need to submit back to the office or track important milestones or dates for enrolling in marketing programs. The books include sections for recording pasture usage, calf information, AI breeding records, supplement and cattle treatment records, in addition to a section for notes and a yearly calendar.

All of the information contained in the black books makes them an easy choice for Angus producers wanting to improve their herds: “Cattle records are critical when it comes to making data-driven decisions to improve overall herd profitability,” Kurtz says. “Place your order today to ensure timely delivery this fall.”

Books will be shipped on or around Oct. 15 ― just in time to distribute to customers during the fall marketing and holiday seasons. To place orders, contact the AngusSource department at 816-383-5100 or email

“The books are a great way to advertise an operation 365 days a year,” Kurtz says. “They are a simple promotion that can be handed out to customers throughout the entire year, on the ranch or at shows and conventions.”