Farmers Edge and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. embrace in the investment of the future of agriculture

Farm Forum

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – On May 27, Farmers Edge, a global leader in precision agriculture and data management solutions, announced the backing of new investment partner Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

“We are so proud to partner with Mitsui,” said Farmers Edge founder and CEO Wade Barnes. “Mitsui is a premiere technology company with a strong understanding of agriculture and global connectivity. With their support, we are maximizing our ability to disrupt agriculture worldwide into a more productive, progressive and sustainable model.”

Cultivated by academics in agrology and inspired by the possibilities of taking technology to farmers worldwide, Barnes has been bridging the gap and opening the opportunities between agriculture and technology since 2005. The Farmers Edge inspiration has been on the fast track since its inception, winning such awards and recognition as one of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. The company is the trailblazer of precision agriculture, offering the industry’s most complete package, for every agribusiness, every crop and every geography. Their Precision Solutions optimizes crop inputs, resulting in higher yields, better quality and less environmental impact. This turnkey comprehensive package includes Variable Rate Technology, field centric weather monitoring, high-resolution satellite imagery, in-field telematics and real boots on the ground.

Mitsui joins Farmers Edge investor Kleiner Perkins, announced in early November 2014. With the support of leading global investors like Mitsui, the company is well poised to lead agriculture in continued advancements in cutting edge technology and innovation to farmers worldwide.

“Investing in Farmers Edge meets our vision of embracing challenge and innovation and connecting nations, people, business and technology,” says Mr. Jun-ichi Shibuta, General Manager, Social IT Platform Division of Mitsui. “The adaptation and advancements pioneered by Farmers Edge meets our vision of becoming a global business enabler throughout the world.”