Dept. of Ag pesticide container recycling collection begins July 13

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PIERRE, S.D. –The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) encourages all ag producers and businesses to take advantage of the free pesticide container recycling collection from Monday, July 13, through Wednesday, Sept. 9, in 37 locations around the state. The SDDA has been recycling containers since 1993 and recently exceeded 2 million containers being recycled.

There are two accepted methods of pesticide container disposal. Pesticides may be disposed of at a solid waste landfill or turned over for recycling. With either of these methods, containers must be triple or pressure rinsed to remove contaminants.

Recycling is the preferred way of disposing pesticide containers because containers are removed from the solid waste stream and the discarded materials can be reused. Many solid waste facilities do not take pesticide containers because they do not have enough staff to ensure containers are properly prepared for disposal. Recycling is a NO COST option. Only 2 ½ gallon containers or less that previously contained crop protection chemicals are accepted during these collection times. Larger containers will be collected at later arranged times.

South Dakota state law prohibits open burning practices that create a nuisance or a hazard to public health. Open burning of plastics releases chemicals to the atmosphere that are considered to be hazardous air pollutants.

“When you consider the health risks associated with open burning plastic containers and the fact that state law prohibits the practice, choosing to take advantage of the Pesticide Container Recycling Program should be an easy decision,” said Tom Gere, SDDA agronomy services manager.

If you are a large quantity generator of containers, or have no collections in your area, it may be possible to have SDDA staff come directly to your location and collect containers.

For a full schedule of container pick up times and locations, please visit and click on “2015 Pesticide Container Recycling Collection Schedule.” For more information on these collections, please contact SDDA at 605-773-4432.