SDSU Volga Farm Summer tour July 22

Farm Forum

BROOKINGS, S.D. – The annual Volga Farm Tour will be held on July 22, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. and run till dusk.

The tour is located 1.5 miles south of Volga on Brookings county road 5 on the east side of road.

One farm Three tours

There will be three tours to take this year. Farm tours will run the entire time, each lasting about an hour. The event includes a meal provided by our sponsors which include: South Dakota Crop Improvement Association, South Dakota Wheat Commission and South Dakota Soybeans Research and Promotion council.

Tour 1: It will be the Weed Management tour, featuring Paul O. Johnson, SDSU Extension Weed Management Coordinator. Johnson will discuss how growers’ pre-emergent herbicides worked this year and share weed management strategies as it relates to glyphosate resistance.

Tour 2: It will feature Anthony Bly, SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist. Bly will provide a fertility update. Howard Woodward, SDSU Professor will also speak on phosphorus removal in crop residue and the effects on soil phosphorus.

Tour 3: It will be the pest management tour featuring Kelly Tilmon, SDSU Extension Soybean Entomology Specialist. She will discuss aphid resistant soybean varieties. Febina Mathew, SDSU Assistant Professor will speak on Efficacy of commercial seed treatment fungicides on soybeans. Emmanuel Byamukama SDSU Extension Plant Pathologist, will discuss corn and soybean diseases.

Between tours, stop by and visit with Connie Tande, SDSU Extension Diagnostician about plant sample issues, or ask her to help identify pests or field problems.

During the meal Dennis Todey, South Dakota State Climatologist & SDSU Extension Climate Specialist will share a 2015 weather update.

For more information on the tour Contact Paul O. Johnson at or 605-688-4591.