Enlist Duo Herbicide performance exceeds expectations

Farm Forum

INDIANAPOLIS — This summer, growers and retailers are putting the Enlist Weed Control System to work across commercial-sized farms. And reports from across key geographies in the Corn Belt show growers are impressed with the new system.

The growers are part of the stewarded introduction of Enlist corn, and seed production of Enlist soybeans under Dow AgroSciences’ Field Forward program. The stewarded activities are in conjunction with the launch of Enlist Duo herbicide. They are using Enlist Duo – a combination of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate – in crop to eliminate tough, yield-robbing broadleaf weeds.

Andy Thies, field agronomist with a Nebraska cooperative, saw firsthand how Enlist Duo controlled glyphosate-resistant waterhemp.

“In the southeast corner of the state, waterhemp is our biggest problem. It is completely resistant to Roundup,” Thies says. “When we applied Enlist Duo, it nailed it, controlling the waterhemp without a problem. Having the Enlist system as an effective tool for controlling waterhemp is going to be the biggest benefit in our area.”

In South Dakota, Todd Hanten also saw how Enlist Duo controlled waterhemp as well as other hard-to-control and resistant weeds, such as marestail and lambsquarter.

“Within hours after applying Enlist Duo, all of the weeds were showing severe stress,” Hanten says. “It was great to see in my own field how it controlled 100 percent of the weeds.”

The growers are incorporating Enlist Duo into a program approach to manage and prevent herbicide-resistant weeds. The recommended best practice incorporates different modes of action and is designed to help sustain the Enlist system for the long term.

Growers and retailers tout benefits of the new technology

The innovations introduced with Enlist Duo with Colex-D Technology benefit growers and retailers beyond weed control. Thies and the growers have observed additional performance characteristics, including ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for physical drift, low odor and improved handling characteristics.

“It was amazing how the spray dropped straight to the ground with zero drift,” Thies says. “And, there was no smell at all. Even standing near the sprayer, I didn’t smell a thing.”

In addition to the formulation benefits provided by Colex-D Technology, the Enlist system provides growers greater application and planting flexibility. These attributes give growers options during unpredictable weather.

“It’s been a tough year,” says Adam Schwering, Indiana grower. “We haven’t been able to get to the fields when we’ve wanted to. So, with Enlist Duo, the benefits of no plant-back restriction and the wide application window have really helped us. It provides us more flexibility with timing as we deal with the wet conditions we’ve been facing all season.”

Resources help growers succeed

As a key resource, Enlist field specialists provide technical knowledge and field support to growers, retailers, applicators and seed sellers.

The growers also have the support of Enlist Ahead. This benefits-based resource provides access to the latest technology, tools and training. It helps growers and applicators make on-target applications and prevent resistance.

“We need new traits and technologies to keep us productive as farmers,” Hanten says. “Enlist Ahead will help to ensure this new technology is available for my son and future generations.”

Dow AgroSciences will provide updates from the growers throughout the season. To experience Enlist alongside the growers and learn more, visit the new “Experiencing Enlist” section of Enlist.com, the Enlist YouTube channel or @EnlistOnline on Twitter.