PowerCore Technology offers corn growers a new insect control option

Farm Forum

INDIANAPOLIS — On July 8, Dow AgroSciences announced the addition of PowerCore technology to its existing trait lineup. This new option for above-ground insect control for corn growers provides a broad spectrum of control.

PowerCore helps protect two of the top concerns for growers: yield and profits. PowerCore also complements SmartStax in the Dow AgroSciences trait portfolio to offer another trait option for growers. The Dow AgroSciences corn portfolio delivers top genetics, advanced technology and high yield potential for growers.

“We all know insects can wreak havoc on a grower’s operation,” says Kevin Steffey, technology transfer leader, insect management, Dow AgroSciences. “With PowerCore, corn is protected from destructive above-ground insects. The multiple modes of action in PowerCore offer industry-leading insect control and resistance management.”

In trials, PowerCore has proven successful at protecting growers’ yield from European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, corn earworm, western bean cutworm, black cutworm and fall armyworm.

As growers know, these insects are destructive. “Black cutworm can reduce corn stand by 30 percent.” Steffey says. “This type of stand reduction could result in a significant yield loss.”

Similarly, an infestation of western bean cutworm can reduce yield by as much as 30 percent to 40 percent. And, depending on the corn growth stage, just one European corn borer tunneled into a cornstalk could mean an 8.3-bushel-per-acre yield loss. A larva of any of these insects could result in 3.7 bushels per acre lost.

This proven, effective insect control solution that will be available with the exceptional weed control of the Enlist Weed Control System in 2016, pending import approvals. This industry-leading package will provide growers multiple modes of action for both key above-ground pests and tough weeds.

With PowerCore, yield — and profits — are protected from destructive above-ground insects. Dow AgroSciences’ seed brands Mycogen Seeds, Brodbeck, Dairyland, Pfister and Prairie Brand will offer PowerCore Enlist hybrids within their corn portfolios, and Dow AgroSciences will broadly license PowerCore Enlist technology to the industry. For more information on PowerCore Enlist in 2016, visit