1996 crop production increased sharply for most crops

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South Dakota’s 1996 crop production increased sharply for most crops as planted acreage returned to normal following 1995’s weather-reduced acreage. Corn and all wheat output set record highs. up 91 percent and 53 percent respectively from 1995.

Soybeans totaled the second highest on record, 21 percent above 1995 and just fractionally below 1994’s record. Sunflower was the only major crop showing a significant decrease with output down 14 percent. All hay production was down 9 percent from 1995’s excellent year but 19 percent above the ten-year average.

Crop yields in 1996 were good for all crops with most well above 1995. Record highs were set for all wheat at 36.1 bushels per acre, spring wheat at 37, and rye at 41. The potatoes, at 280 cwt. per acre, tied a record high set in 1994, and other hay, at 1.50 tons, equaled the record high set in 1995.

Corn, at 100 bushels, and soybeans, at 34, were the second highest on record. The all sunflower yield, at 1,531 pounds, was up from 1,303 in 1995 and only 20 pounds below 1994’s record. The yield for all hay, at 1.91 tons per acre, was down from 1995’s record but still two-tenths of a ton above the ten-year average.

Harvested acres for the principal crops totaled 16.2 million, up from 1995’s weather-reduced 13.9 million acres. Record high harvested acres were set for soybeans. Corn for grain acreage was the highest since 1927 and all wheat harvested acreage the highest since 1952. The winter wheat crop suffered heavy winter kill damage with only 1.58 million acres harvested of the record 2.0 million planted. Sunflower harvested acreage was down 250,000 from 1995 and barley the lowest since 1890. Flax, at 9,000 harvested acres, was a new record low. All hay harvested, at 4,300,000 acres, was unchanged from 1995.

Planted acres of principal crops totaled 16.9 million, up from 1995’s weather-prevented plantings of 14.3 million acres. Record soybeans planted, at 2.70 million, was 150,000 above the old record set in 1995. Winter wheat, at 2 million, tied a record high set in 1984. Corn planted was up 1.2 million from 1995, the highest since 1960. All wheat acreage was the third highest seeding, only 1 percent below 1992’s record. Spring wheat increased 1.05 million acres from 1995, while oat acreage was up 29 percent but still 58 percent below the ten-year average. Sunflower was down 260,000 acres from 1995. Rye at 40,000 and flax at 10,000 planted acres set record lows.