ICON employees raise funds to feed children in NW Iowa

Farm Forum

JULY 2015 – During April and May ICON Ag & Turf employees joined local efforts to fundraise and bring awareness to childhood hunger in Northwest Iowa. Adam Timmerman, General Manager at ICON Ag & Turf, stated, “We were moved and inspired by the local effort during last year’s lawn mower giveaway presentations. We just knew we had to make a difference and help in our local communities.”

Brenda Nohava, a founder of the Le Mars Backpack Program, shed light on the local need and the startup of the Le Mars program during her presentation at ICON Ag & Turf in 2014. ICON employees kicked off their fundraising efforts in April by donating $25 plus each. The employee-driven monetary fundraiser was held throughout April and May. Each one of the five ICON locations picked a specific organization to fund in their community. Ireton raised $645.03 for the Drive to Feed Kids in Sioux County; Doon raised $523.00 to fund the Central Lyon Backpack Program; Paullina raised $616.00 for the South O’Brien Backpack 4 Kids; Lawton raised $636.96 for the Lawton Bronson/Kinsley-Pierson/ Woodbury Central Backpack program and Le Mars raised $798.59 for the Le mars Backpack Program. ICON along with the cost of the T-shirts donated an additional $400 to each organization, totaling upwards of $6,600. The program will continue on throughout the year with several ICON employees volunteering to pack the bags to be sent home with local children along with volunteering for additional program efforts.

“We partner with our customers to produce food for the world and this is a way we can impact our local communities as well,” said Timmerman. ICON employees wore T-shirts on Fridays asserting ‘helping farmers feed the world and communities feed those in need.’ All monies raised will be donated to the local programs this July. Efforts will in turn be used to fund nutritional snacks and food that will be placed in the back packs of kids’ who qualify.

If you would like to help ICON Ag & Turf or any of these programs raise funds, you may stop by any one of the 5 locations and make a donation or contact Jenni Leff, ICON Director of Brand Management, for more details.