AHA announces fall 2015 Gold TPR Breeders, EPDs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thirty-two dedicated Hereford breeders achieved Gold TPRTM (Total Performance Records) status for fall 2015, according to the American Hereford Association (AHA).

Also, the AHA has released the updated EPDs for fall 2015. The EPDs and the updated Trends, Traits and Distributions report are available online at

The Gold TPR Breeder recognition is presented to progressive Hereford breeders who have measured traits and collected and promptly submitted performance data at all levels of production.

“The reason the Gold TPR program was established was to recognize those breeders who go the extra mile to collect data at all levels of production and report that data in a timely manner,” says AHA Executive Vice President Jack Ward.

Since the program’s inception in 2005, Hereford breeders have increased their data collection efforts.

Breeders must meet a specific set of requirements in order to be eligible for the program. They are:

• Herd inventory submitted prior to date inventory surcharge goes into effect.

• Complete reporting of calving ease and reproductive status for each dam on inventory.

• Complete reporting of birth weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.

• Complete reporting of weaning weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.

• Complete reporting of yearling weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.

• Complete reporting of scrotal measurements for each bull calf with a recorded yearling weight.

• Ultrasound data reported on 25% or more of the calf crop.

• Note: For weaning and yearling weights, disposal codes are accepted if the animal has been removed from the herd.

The following Hereford breeders were recognized as fall 2015 Gold TPR Breeders:

Douglas Banks, Hamilton, Ohio

Bay Brook Farm, Dabneys, Va.

Bayou Pierre Farm, Wesson, Miss.

Rex Bradford, Saint Marys, Ohio

Brannan & Reinhardt, Otis, Kan.

Brielmaier Farm, Cincinnati, Ohio

Eric Daniels, Dalhart, Texas

Drummond Mine Ranch LLC, Hanceville, Ala.

Five Star Polled Herefords, Smithville, W.Va.

Four L Hereford Farm, Atwood, Tenn.

Gary Hedrick, Marietta, Ga.

David or Juanita Jennings, Rogers, Ark.

K7 Herefords, Lockridge, Iowa

Kaczmareks 4K Herefords, Salem, Mo.

Kinnear Polled Herefords, Joshua, Texas

Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, Va.

Meadow Ridge Farms Inc., Broadway, Va.

E L Mobley, Fairdealing, Mo.

Monahan Cattle Co., Hyannis, Neb.

Muellers Polled Herefords, Perryville, Mo.

Nickelson Farms, Belgrade, Mo.

W C Norris Jr., Burkesville, Ky.

NS Polled Herefords, Shaker Heights, Ohio

P&J Polled Herefords, La Vernia, Texas

Gino Pedretti, El Nido, Calif.

Rollingwood Ranch, Potter Valley, Calif.

Ruckus Hill Farms – Smith, Statesville, N.C.

Shaw Cattle Co. Inc., Caldwell, Idaho

Snedden Herefords, Maricopa, Calif.

Sonoma Mountain Herefords, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Tennessee River Music Inc., Fort Payne, Ala.

Triple S Ranch, De Queen, Ark.