Zoetis service helps producers and veterinarians assess team dynamics

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Livestock producers and veterinarians know what healthy animals look like, but it takes a different set of skills and tools to understand employees. To help diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your team and assess opportunities for change that can benefit your business, Zoetis offers a new service from PeopleFirst, Team Scan.

“Listening to your team and understanding their perspectives about the business offers one of the best opportunities for business improvements,” said Brett Bristol, business solutions manager for PeopleFirst at Zoetis. “A highly productive team drives productivity and profitability. But it can be challenging to identify areas for improvement or discover team issues you need to correct if you don’t know how each person really feels about your organization.”

The Team Scan service from PeopleFirst starts with a 30-question survey, delivered electronically to an entire organization, including the leadership. The survey provides anonymous input at an organizational level on what an entire team thinks about its work environment based on key areas of the business, including communication, culture, leadership and talent.

The report provides a visual analysis of:

• Strengths and opportunities within your business

• Gaps among employees, managers and leaders

• Evaluation benchmarks, to use if the assessment is taken again

Once the evaluation is complete, the PeopleFirst team of professional leadership consultants reviews results with the organization. Figure 1 shows a sample of these results. During review, consultants work together with the organization to help prioritize and develop an action plan that can lead to positive change.

“Why do all of this? For starters, you’ll become more aware of challenges and be able to find more effective solutions and even help prevent future challenges,” Bristol said. “You’ll also discover and be able to capitalize on your team’s unique strengths. And when team members are engaged in their work and a work culture is thriving, an organization moves swiftly toward its goals.”

If your organization is ready to take the first step to build a more successful team, Team Scan can provide the information you need. To learn more about scheduling a Team Scan assessment, contact your local Zoetis representative or a member of the PeopleFirst team, or visit