USCA encourages national adoption of 13-state EPA WOTUS injunction

Farm Forum

The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) supports the request to apply the injunction against adoption of the changes to the EPA’s Waters of the US Rule on a national scale. Currently, due to a successful ruling in the federal District Court in North Dakota, 13 states are not required to implement the proposed changes. The same restrictions are now being considered for all states not included in the initial ruling.

USCA President Danni Beer commented on the North Dakota proceedings, “It is USCA’s hope that the ruling applied to 13 states will now be applied on a national scale. U.S. farmers and ranchers must have certainty when it comes to the EPA’s Waters of the US Rule. While we appreciate the 13-state ruling, all states and all producers deserve the same treatment and consideration under this over-arching rule. The injunction granted, which denies implementation of the EPA’s proposed changes, must be applied across the country.”

“Through our ongoing involvement in the industry-led EPA-focused coalitions, USCA remains an active participant in these discussions. Water quality is an integral component of any agriculture-based business, including ranches. It is in our best interests to maintain the streams, creeks and watersheds housed within our operations. EPA’s changes to the Waters of the U.S. rule results in too many uncertainties for U.S. producers and creates the potential for frivolous and unjust litigation.”

“The federal District Court in North Dakota has signaled that the EPA’s changes to the rule are outside the scope of the EPA’s jurisdiction. The implementation process must be halted across the country, not just in 13 states, to ensure that agriculture, the public and those providing oversight on the ground have certainty in any decisions being made regarding this rule. We urge the federal District Court in North Dakota to expand their ruling to include all 50 states.”