Indoor Farms of America announces first international distributor for vertical aeroponic equipment

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LAS VEGAS, — Indoor Farms of America has signed a Distributor Agreement for its first International market, the country of South Africa. This region will now have access to the most advanced and economically viable commercial scale crop growing equipment for deployment in areas that need it the most.

“This agreement, with a major agricultural group in the region, paves the way for our products to be installed in an area of the world that has great need for it, and allows folks in remote and developing areas, for the first time, access to ultra fresh, locally and naturally grown produce,” states David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America.

With a comprehensive line of patented aeroponic growing equipment, which can be installed in any space, including existing greenhouses, warehouse farms, and in ready-made container farms with their GrowTrucks line, the company provides a much more affordable means to grow a variety of crops in a sustainable controlled environment, literally anywhere in the world.

“The indoor agriculture segment is seeing enormous growth around the world, and a common theme we hear from people we meet who visit our facility and see our equipment in operation, is that we have something very special,” said Martin. “Our mission since inception was to develop the hard equipment that transcends the other areas of a level playing field. Everyone has fully integrated farm management, environmental controls, lighting equipment is now fully developing with multiple players in that segment. Our equipment represents a major leap ahead in how much plant mass can be grown in any given space. And in many areas of the world, that space is extremely expensive, so we are seeing very high interest in our products already.”

One recent proposal, according to company President, Ron Evans, was for a large scale farm in a large warehouse which allows two levels of growing area in just 18 feet of ceiling height. “When we showed the client our design, which allows them to grow nearly 80 plants per square foot of actual farm area, without major structural costs, they understood the math,” says Evans.

With equipment that will grow virtually any leafy green product, as well as strawberries, peppers and much more (including breathtaking living walls), and will do so in scale quantities that translate into real ROI for the producer in a completely enclosed controlled growing environment, the company is preparing for rapid growth.

According to Martin, “We are in negotiations for additional international distributors at this time, and will announce more soon. The company seeks qualified representatives in key markets around the world.”

The company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Indoor AgCon event being held in Las Vegas on April 5th and 6th, and will display the growing equipment for viewing and inspection there. Company CEO Martin will be speaking at the event regarding Container Farms and their place in the market.