Passion for Ag: Helping dad in the field

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“As soon as I could walk, I was out helping my Dad in the field,” according to Alex Boekelheide, 22. He is the fourth generation to be working on the family farm near Northville. “What draws me to agriculture is the passion my Dad has for it and the determination he has to make our farm successful.”

He continued by explaining, “Agriculture was never forced on me when I was growing up. It was always something that intrigued me. But as I said before, being around it all my life and seeing how much pride we all take in our farm is what really made me want to continue farming as my career.”

Working on a farm creates a very strong work ethic. Having that drive and determination has helped Boekelheide throughout his life and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Attending Lake Area Technical Institute, Boekelheide believes there are opportunities around every corner. The comradery of everyone involved in agriculture is something really neat to be a part of. Similar goals are shared, and all are determined to reach those goals with success.

“I took a ‘Leadership in the Global Workplace’ class while attending Lake Area which I think will impact my life the most,” Boekelheide said. “No, it isn’t ag related. But it taught me a lot about myself, the importance of being an effective leader, and how to be of help to other people in need. These are skills and values that will help me in every aspect of my life.”

Boekelheide hopes to continue farming and to one day manage it with success as his Dad has.

“I look up to my Dad as a role model for agriculture,” Boekelheide said. “He is always educating himself on better ways to do things and has instilled the importance of business ethics in a farming operation.”

He has concerns that the average consumer doesn’t understand how farmers do things. Too many people in urban areas think that the food just comes from the grocery store. There’s no thought as to how much work goes into the food.

“In the years to come, I think it will become more and more important for people in agriculture to educate others on modern farming practices,” Boekelheide said.