BDM customers asked to conserve water

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BDM Rural Water System customers in the Brown County area are being asked to conserve their water use until the reservoirs are replenished.

Rodney Kappes, the general manager of BDM Rural Water System, said the problem is due to high usage putting a strain on the system, not a lack of water availability.

“It’s not that the system doesn’t have available water — we have available water — it’s just getting the water to one of our particular reservoirs that we had exceptionally high usage on one day,” Kappes said.

The rural water system serves portions of Brown, Day, Marshall and Roberts counties, providing water for household, livestock and commercial use. The main office is in Britton.

The high usage comes from customers using the water for livestock and spraying, which Kappes said was not what the system was built to do.

“The challenge is this system was built 25 years ago and when it was built and the surveys were completed, the individual users basically said that the water would be used for residential purposes,” Kappes said. “Now, we found out that BDM water is a very good source for livestock and a very good source for spraying, so the system and pipes that feed that particular area are not an appropriate size to push that water when you’re trying to use it for livestock and spraying.”

Kappes said the water issues will primarily affect customers in the area north of Groton.

“We’re making some adjustments — we’re hoping that with the cooler weather we aren’t going to have the demand for the livestock side,” Kappes said. “And this time of year, you still have a lot of livestock that have not gone to pasture and all the agricultural uses during this time of year put a lot of strain on the system.”

“We’ve got plenty of water available, it’s just getting that water where it needs to go,” he said

“We would like to have it taken care of immediately,” Kappes said, adding that rain and customer cooperation will determine how quickly the issues are remedied. He estimated that water would be flowing as usual within a few days.

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