Hitchcock-Tulare FFA Land Judging Team is the National Reserved Champions

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195 FFA and 4-H teams came to Oklahoma City May 3-5th for the 65th Annual National Land and Range Judging Contest. Qualifying teams came from 34 states to challenge their knowledge of soil and plant science, land management, and nature resources conservation in the field.

There was ninety-two land teams and forty-five home site teams. In land judging, out of 360 individuals, Ally Binger placed 4th, Baylee Enander 16th, Bailey Cole 23rd, and Zach Binger 208th. In home site evaluation out 178 individuals, Bailey Cole placed 10th, Baylee Enander 30th, Ally Binger 35th, and Zach Binger 126th.

The contest is comprised of three events: land, range, and home site evaluation. Land Judging contestants judged four, five foot deep pits to evaluate the qualities of the soil and determine its potential for agricultural production. The home site evaluation event, contestants are to determine the value of a site for residential development.