Students provide habitat for pollinators

Farm Forum

Third-grade students from O.M. Tiffany Elementary School were able to do their part recently to provide habitat for pollinators at the Casanova Game Production Area east of Aberdeen.

Terry Larson from the Northern Chapter of Pheasants Forever said the students planted more than 120 live plants in a plot at the game production area, then spread seeds for plants that would provide the best habitat for pollinators such as honey bees and Monarch butterflies.

The kids also made seed balls that they got to take home, Larson said.

Aberdeen City Forester Aaron Kiesz led a demonstration on bee hives and showed students how hives are safely handled.

“The high school class is going to make portable bee hives that the kids can take home,” Larson said.

The Aberdeen Central High School Environmental Club brought supplies, including pipe cleaners, straws and recycled plastic bottles that were used for portable bee hives.

Larson said providing habitat for the pollinators is more crucial now than ever.

“Any pollinators, the insecticides are just wiping them all out,” Larson said. “We did this two years ago. There’s a pollinator plot about a mile down the road, and there’s one out at the arboretum. Last week, we planted one at Richmond with some kids from Warner.”

The importance of protecting pollinators was not lost on the students.

“Bees are really important because they make food and stuff,” said Christian Lyke, a Tiffany student. “They make all the world’s food. They help you have food, they give you honey. Almost everything you eat, they make. We wouldn’t have trees, and trees help us breathe. Without bees, we would’ve been dead.”

SueAnne Yonkovich, a third-grade teacher at Tiffany, said her students were more than eager to help plant habitat for pollinators.

“They’re so excited about this. They’ll behave just for this,” Yonkovich said. “They watched some YouTube videos before coming out here, and were so excited and were asking questions.”

About 70 third-grade students helped plant habitat for the pollinators and plants.

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