Martinez-Monteagudo hired as Assistant Professor, SDSU Dairy Science Department

Farm Forum

BROOKINGS, S.D. – The South Dakota State University (SDSU) dairy science department is pleased to announce the hiring of Sergio Martinez-Monteagudo as Assistant Professor.

Martinez-Monteagudo will teach classes in dairy products processing and dairy chemistry, and will be conducting research involving dairy processing unit operations.

During his career, Martinez-Monteagudo has been working towards advancing various non-thermal technologies. According to Martinez-Monteagudo, these novel technologies are being investigated in response to consumers’ interest in healthy, nutritious, processed foods with natural ingredients, reduced fat, sugar and sodium content.

“The dairy science department is honored to have such high-quality caliber in Dr. Monteagudo,” says Vikram Mistry, SDSU Dairy Science Department head. “Our students and research efforts will certainly benefit and progress with his expertise.”

Martinez-Monteagudo’s specialty areas are dairy manufacturing and food engineering, and his academic interests are engineering technologies and non-thermal technologies.

Monteagudo has conducted research focused on three areas:

* Engineering aspects of innovative processing technologies

* Reaction kinetics within the pressure-temperature landscape

* Process characterization and optimization

Martinez-Monteagudo received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering at Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2003. He received his Master of Science in food science and technology in 2005, also at Autonomous University. In 2013, Martinez-Monteagudo received his Ph.D. in food engineering and bioresources from the University of Alberta, Canada. From 2013-2015, Martinez-Monteagudo was a postdoctoral researcher at Ohio State University.

Martinez-Monteagudo is already widely published in various industry journals, including the International Dairy Journal, Dairy Food Magazine, the Journal of Food Science and Technology, and many more.

Martinez-Monteagudo is also recognized as an industry expert. At the 2011 Canadian Conference on Fats & Oils, he was recognized for outstanding oral presentation. In 2005, Monteagudo received second place for the Mexican National Prize in Food Science & Technology.