Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program now inside Morning Farm Report

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Agrible, Inc, makers of the Morning Farm Report suite of predictive analytics tools, recently announced the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program, which provides growers with the ability to characterize their operation’s environmental performance and helps communicate that story to the consumer marketplace.

Agrible’s Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program Program makes it easy for U.S. growers to connect with the consumer’s desire for sustainably-sourced food and fiber products

The Sustainability Sourcing Yield Program integrates useful sustainability metrics into Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to measure and report field-level performance of several row crops, including corn, soybean and wheat crops. Combined with the forecasted yields, nutrient adviser, weather and more found inside Morning Farm Report, growers gain valuable insights to make more informed and actionable decisions that drive operational results.

“Our goals are to ensure producers reach their full potential, become more profitable and productive, and address the new challenge of sustainability,” said Jeff Peters, Director of Sustainability and Partnerships at Agrible. “Morning Farm Report products provide key insights to their operation and enables better decision making to assess opportunities for agronomic, economic and environmental improvement.”

As leaders in promoting grower data privacy and transparency, Agrible will partner with growers to securely provide anonymous summaries to those needing to document the sustainability of crops or ingredients. These partnerships will assure the supply chain meets the demands of the marketplace while maintaining productivity, profitability and responsible resource management.

“We know and trust that growers are doing an amazing job as stewards of the land, and this program is a way to show the world what it means to be American grown while adding value to the crops produced,” said Chris Harbourt, Agrible CEO. “The vertical partnerships we are creating will enable thousands of growers to meet the changing market demand in a way that is easy and profitable.”