Second Tuesdays tune in to South Dakota Farmers Union Radio Show

Farm Forum

HURON, S.D. – Since 1915, South Dakota Farmers Union provides a voice to the states family farmers and ranchers. The century-old, grassroots organization continues its legacy with a radio show hosted on second Tuesdays during KELO Radio’s It’s YOUR AgriBusiness Hour (10-11 a.m. CST).

“We’re excited about this opportunity to connect with our consumers,” said Doug Sombke SDFU President and fourth-generation Conde farmer. “Consumers are interested in knowing where their food comes from. As the numbers of family farmers and ranchers in our state continues to decline, the need to share our story increases.”

Hosted by Bill Zortman and Jim Woster, the engaging news hour highlights farm and ranch families through live interviews. It delves into policy impacting ag producers, cooperatives and rural South Dakotans, answering consumer questions along the way.

“I enjoy meeting the people of Farmers Union and South Dakota agriculture one-by-one,” explained Zortman, a member of the National Association Farm Broadcaster who celebrates more than 50 years in broadcasting. “They have great stories to share. Whether it’s a veteran farmer I got to visit with during the D.C. Fly-In or the next generation during the recent golf tournament, their drive to produce food is infectious.”

Targeted to Sioux Falls-area consumers, the hour-long program is thoughtfully developed to spark conversations around our state’s number one industry and its people.

“When it comes to reaching our state’s largest population of consumers, radio is an excellent platform,” said Kecia Beranek, SDFU Communication Specialist. “Until now, we worked with all other media to get our members’ story out – this is yet another way to connect.”

It’s YOUR AgriBusiness Hour can be found at 1320/107.9 KELO Newstalk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tune in to the most recent episode of the Farmers Union show at and click on the News tab.