SDSU student wins 2016 John Brandt Memorial Scholarship

Farm Forum

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Taylor Aubrey, dairy science master’s student at South Dakota State University, has been awarded the 2016-2017 John Brandt Memorial Scholarship from the Land O’Lakes Foundation to support her graduate studies in dairy cattle nutrition. The $25,000 memorial scholarship honoring the late John Brandt is awarded annually to graduate students who have shown exceptional aptitude in dairy, food science or agribusiness-related research.

Aubrey is studying dairy cattle nutrition. The focus of her research is a 36-lactating Holstein cow trial examining the impact of two concentrated brewer’s grain yeast products fed at the same rates and supplemented in a total mixed ration. This research strives to improve milk quality and quantity, as well as increase feed efficiency. Aubrey is working under the mentorship of David Casper, assistant professor in the SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department.

“Taylor’s research projects are investigating ways to improve the profitability and sustainability of South Dakota Dairy Producers,” Casper explains.

Aubrey grew up in New Hampshire and attended North Carolina State University to complete her bachelor of science degree in biological sciences. Prior to joining the SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department in the fall of 2015, she completed a Dairy Herd Health Management Externship in northeast Iowa.

Aubrey is a member of the American Dairy Science Association and the American Society of Animal Science.

The John Brandt Memorial Foundation scholarship program supports graduate students pursuing a master or doctorate in dairy cattle nutrition, genetics, physiology, management, dairy food manufacturing, processing, or marketing of milk and dairy products. This award is given to students at one of four eligible institutions: South Dakota State University, Iowa State University, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The scholarships started in 1952, and are awarded each year in memory of John Brandt, an industry organizer who founded and remained president of Land O’Lakes from 1921 until his death in 1953.