FFA opens reinvented Ag Adventure Center

Farm Forum

The SD FFA building at the SD State Fair is always a fun place for kids to hang out and see some animals. What is different this year? A whole new look and purpose for FFA’s activity building, the FFA Ag Adventure Center, and it’s free for fair attendees.

“The FFA Ag Adventure Center will bring agriculture to life for visitors. Many consumers have never been to a farm and certainly don’t live on a farm. This space brings the farm to them. ” explains Taylor Leonhardt, FFA Ag Adventure Center superintendent. The SD FFA, SD FFA Foundation and passionate ag industry representatives have been working on the project and leading a capital campaign this past year. “Unfortunately we live in a world that knows very little about where their food comes from. SD FFA members, advisors and farmers will be in the FFA Ag Adventure Center showcasing modern agriculture practices, communicating commitment to natural resources, and demonstrating wholesome, safe food production, regionally and across the world. It will bring hands on experiences to everyone.” The FFA Ag Adventure Center is dedicated to empowering consumers to value today’s agriculture.

The reinvented FFA Ag Adventure Center has areas dedicated to pigs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, chickens, soil & range conservation, wheat, soybeans, and corn. No matter what time you visit, there is sure to be an exciting event. At any given moment, you may witness a live sow birth, bottle feed a calf, or watch baby chickens hatch. There are many interactive activities like milking a cow and feeding pigs. There are additional special activities planned for each day.

“We are thrilled about all the renovations, new activities and programs planned for the FFA Ag Adventure Center,” said State Fair Manager Peggy Besch. “The SD FFA Foundation and members of FFA have been working all year on this project and it will be wonderful to see it come to fruition. It will definitely provide an entirely new educational and fun experience for fairgoers. We are grateful for the investment from FFA and all of the contributors who recognize the value of the fair and the positive impact it has on the lives of people who attend.” For more information on the FFA Ag Adventure Center or to support the capital campaign to complete this project, contact SD FFA Foundation director, Gerri Ann Eide, or 605-765-4865.

The FFA Ag Adventure Center is located in the heart of the SD State Fairgrounds, just off of Livestock Ave, west of the Open Class Beef Complex. Come on in and share fun facts about corn and soybeans. It will offer a fun, educational experience to daycares, teenagers, and adults alike. The SD State Fair runs from Thursday, September 1st through Labor Day, September 5th. The FFA Ag Adventure Center will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.