New Talon internship accepting applications

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A new internship opportunity through the Angus Foundation and the Angus/Talon Youth Education Learning Program will pair motivated youth with working registered-Angus ranches to give a valuable hands-on educational experience for eight weeks during the summer starting in 2017.

Motivated and knowledgeable young people will be the leaders of the next generation of agriculturalists. Applications for both Talon scholarship recipients and for host breeders are available now at the bottom of the page at Both applications are due Sept. 15.

Skilled people can sometimes be the limiting factor for production agriculture. Even if youth live or grew up on a working ranch, it is important to gain beef production experience, mentorship and insight from another operation.

Cam Cooper of Talon Ranch, who was a staunch supporter of agriculture’s youth, set up the Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Endowment Fund. Through application, both an interested college or graduate student, or even a recent graduate younger than 25 and a working Angus ranch will be paired by the endowment fund’s Advisory Committee, with preference given to students who have received a Talon scholarship.

“Cam’s vision for the Talon Youth Educational Learning Program was for it to be a holistic experience for students. They could come into the program as an undergraduate scholarship recipient — with the opportunity to continue through graduate school — and get real-world experience through this internship. She was a true champion for our Angus youth,” says Milford Jenkins, president of the Angus Foundation.

The partnership will benefit both the ranch and the intern by providing an educational experience and enthusiastic fresh perspective for both parties.

For more information on the benefits of internship for both youth and ranches, see the full feature story in the May issue of the Angus Journal.

For more information or to apply for the internship, visit or