New Yetter closing wheel does the job in varying conditions

Farm Forum

During planting, effective sidewall breakdown and complete closure of the tru-vee disc opening are crucial. Achieving these goals ensures ideal seed-to-soil contact, which leads to improved germination, even emergence, and better stands resulting in higher yields. To help growers reap the benefits of effective closure of the tru-vee opening in varying soil conditions, Yetter Farm Equipment has added a new attachment to its lineup: the 6200 Poly Spike Closing Wheel.

The Poly Spike Closing Wheel works effectively in a variety of soil types and conditions. “We’d all like to have ideal planting conditions every year, but we know that’s not reality. Each planting season is different,” said Andy Thompson, Yetter territory manager. “At Yetter, we know growers need solutions that work well in those changing conditions. The Poly Spike performs in a wide spectrum of soil conditions, from in wet to ideal. The wheels also work in minimum till, conventional, no-till, etc., depending on your farming practices.”

The wheel utilizes twisted poly spikes and a rounded center to close the tru-vee opening by crumbling the sidewall. The ring design maintains wheel depth and also firms the soil, eliminating possible air pockets—a step that is crucial to ensuring the seed trench does not open up after planting. “Air pockets in the trench could otherwise contribute to uneven emergence,” explained Thompson.

The 6200 Poly Spike Closing Wheel is offered as a complete wheel assembly that is bolted to the planter tail wheel assembly. A second option for installation is to remove the rubber rings from factory 1″ x 12″ closing wheels and replace them with the Poly Spike ring. The Poly Spike wheels are designed to run as a pair or in conjunction with a factory-style rubber wheel. The Poly Wheel is made with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic material.

“Yetter Poly Spike Closing Wheels are effective tools for increasing yield potential for a quick return on investment,” concluded Thompson.

The Poly Spike Closing Wheel joins the Paddle Wheel, Cast Spike Closing Wheel, and Drag Chains in the industry-leading Yetter product lineup designed to close the tru-vee opening. For more information about this product or other closing wheel attachments, visit our website or contact a Yetter Planter Fit-Up Specialist today at 800.447.5777.