Falcon Soil releases new software capabilities, adds integrated mapping

Farm Forum

St. Louis, MO — Falcon Soil Technology, FalconSoil.com, has added new mapping and live sampling tracking features to the Model 5000 Automated Sampling System. For the first time, soil samplers can collect, map and share soil sample information within the same system. The new features were revealed at the premier precision farming conference, InfoAg 2016, August 2nd in St. Louis, MO.

Delivering on the mission to improve the consistency and efficiency of the soil sampling process, the new capabilities add mapping features and live sample tracking on the go within one system. The new software features will allow for faster preparation of fields utilizing existing shape files of grids and zones. The increased visibility of sampling progress on the go, increases productivity, and reduces opportunities for mistakes and missed samples. The speed and consistency needed in the sampling process allows growers to keep the soil nutrient information current and part of the essential data model world.

The new features are exclusive to the Model 5000 users who will now have the ability to import field maps into their cab directly from a cloud account. The customer controls the sample information flow to field management software and soil labs directly from the field.

“Capabilities that reduce the collection time and removes variables that can affect the sample quality and consistency is what we are committed to”, states Allan Baucom, Monroe, NC farmer and developer of the Falcon. “As a farmer, it’s important that the last sample taken by the Falcon at the end of the day is the same quality as the first sample of that day. I need soil sampling to be consistent, accurate and precise to manage my inputs and optimize profitability.”

The new capabilities are incorporated in a software release that is available for all Falcon Automated Soil Sampling owners. The new software will be standard on all new machines. Full feature capabilities will require operators to setup an account on the Falcon Link system. Upgrade kits are available for Model 1000 machines that would allow owners to add all Model 5000 features and access the Falcon Link system.

For more information, visit FalconSoil.com or contact Falcon Soil Technology at 800-284-9611.