Youth win 4-H Beef honors at N.D. State Fair

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Youth participated in the 4-H beef show at the 2016 North Dakota State Fair in Minot on Thursday, July 28. The judge for the show was Garrett Knebel, Bozeman, Mont.

The youth entered cattle in two divisions, breeding and market, and competed in the showmanship competition in junior and senior age groups. The youth exhibited 75 cattle in the breeding division and 26 in the market division.

Bridget Kunz, New Salem, exhibited the champion Overall Cow-calf Pair, and Shae Lynn Johnson, Luverne, had the reserve champion Overall Cow-calf Pair.

Kylee Myers, Kathryn, exhibited the champion Overall Heifer, and Kaitlin Geyer, Lisbon, had the reserve champion Overall Heifer.

Drew Anderson, Milnor, exhibited the champion Overall Market Steer, and Abbey Schaefer, Des Lacs, had the reserve champion Overall Market Steer.

The winners by county were:


• Joshua Vachal, Valley City, champion, Shorthorn Heifer


• Gracie Blaser, Bowman, reserve champion, Lot 4 Market Steer


• Emilie Filipek, McClusky, reserve champion, Commercial Heifer

• Lauren Koski, Wing, reserve champion, Lot 3 Market Steer

• Trey Koski, Wing, reserve champion, Lot 1 Market Steer


• Molly Hansen, Carrington, reserve champion, Angus Heifer; champion, Junior Beef Showman


• Shae Lynn Johnson, Luverne, champion, Simmental Cow-calf Pair; reserve champion, Overall Cow-calf Pair


• Jaxon Deckert, Arena, reserve champion, Simmental-influenced Heifer

• Jacob Leier, Kintyre, reserve champion, Limousin Heifer


• Dakotah Aaseth, Velva, reserve champion, ChiAngus Heifer


• Cora Schaunaman, Ashley, reserve champion, Shorthorn Heifer


• Troy Bergquist, Turtle Lake, champion, Market Heifer

• Shane Giedd, Washburn, champion, Bull Calf; reserve champion, Hereford Cow-calf Pair


• Rachel Johnson, Zap, champion, Limousin Heifer

• Sydnee Johnson, Zap, reserve champion, Junior Beef Showman


• Evan Bornemann, Center, champion, Commercial Heifer

• Mara Bornemann, Center, champion, Lot 1 Market Steer

• A.J. Heins, New Salem, champion, Angus Heifer; reserve champion, Simmental Heifer

• Baily Kunz, New Salem, reserve champion, Hereford Heifer

• Bridget Kunz, New Salem, champion, Hereford Cow-calf Pair; champion, Overall Cow-calf Pair


• Cade Erickson, Plaza, reserve champion, Lot 2 Market Steer


• Drew Anderson, Milnor, champion, Lot 3 Market Steer; champion, Overall Market Steer

• Haley Anderson, Milnor, champion, All Other Breeds

• Jamie Geyer, Lisbon, reserve champion, Red Angus Heifer

• Kaitlin Geyer, Lisbon, champion, Red Angus Heifer; reserve champion, Senior Beef Showman; reserve champion, Overall Heifer

• Kylee Myers, Kathryn, champion, Simmental Heifer, champion, Overall Heifer


• Nate Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, reserve champion, All Other Breeds

• LaMae Turk, Jamestown, champion, Senior Beef Showman

• Morgan Well, Jamestown, reserve champion, Market Heifer


• Brekken Bachmeier, Granville, champion, Lot 5 Market Steer

• Braden Bailey, Towner, champion, Hereford Heifer

• Jamison Neshem, Berthold, champion, Simmental-influenced Heifer

• Abbey Schaefer, Des Lacs, champion, Lot 4 Market Steer; reserve champion, Overall Market Steer

• Riley Schaefer, Des Lacs, champion, ChiAngus Heifer


• McKenzie Lautt, Harvey, reserve champion, Lot 5 Market Steer

• Olivia Lautt, Harvey, champion, Lot 2 Market Steer