4-H’ers win awards for rabbits at N.D. State Fair

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Youth showed 184 rabbits in the 4-H rabbit show at the 2016 North Dakota State Fair in Minot on Wednesday, July 27.

Colt Kersten, Max, exhibited the best of show rabbit, a Mini Rex. Lance Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, had the reserve best of show rabbit, a Champagnes d’Argent.

The winners by county were:


• Kelly Schauer, Hettinger, champion, Florida White


• Micale Costa, Bottineau, reserve champion, French Lop


• Madison Anliker, Ellendale, champion, New Zealand


• Belinda Lovro, Norwich, reserve champion, Jersey Wooly

• Jared Lovro, Norwich, reserve champion, Intermediate Rabbit Showman

• Cheyanne Lunde, Norwich, champion, Jersey Wooly


• Morgan Rolfsrud, Watford City, champion, Holland Lop; reserve champion, Netherland Dwarf


• Jill Schlichting, Garrison, reserve champion, Dutch


• Lily Obert, Stanley, champion, Market Rabbit; champion, Polish; reserve champion, Polish


• Tyrell Heinz, Brocket, champion, Lion Head


• Riley Peters, Glenburn, champion, Mini Satin


• Wyatt Dunlop, Rolla, champion, Rhinelander; reserve champion, Junior Rabbit Showman


• Mikaela Cofield, Jamestown, champion, French Lop; reserve champion, Himalayan; reserve champion, Senior Rabbit Showman

• Lance Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, reserve Best of Show Rabbit, Champagnes d’Argent; champion, Champagnes d’Argent; champion, Crème d’Argent; champion, Junior Rabbit Showman; reserve champion, Champagnes d’Argent


• Morgan Keen, Donnybrook, reserve champion, Holland Lop

• Colt Kersten, Max, Best of Show Rabbit, Mini Rex; champion, Mini Rex; reserve champion, New Zealand; reserve champion, Tans

• Wyatt Kersten, Max, reserve champion, Market Rabbit; reserve champion, Mini Rex; reserve champion, Mini Satin

• Kaden Korgel, Minot, champion, Netherland Dwarf

• Savannah Peters, Glenburn, champion, Satin; champion, Dutch; reserve champion, Satin

• Harleigh Reimche, Burlington, champion, English Spot; champion, Senior Rabbit Showman; reserve champion, English Spot

• Hannah Remington, Minot, champion, Intermediate Rabbit Showman; champion, American Fuzzy Lop; champion, Flemish Giant; champion, Himalayan; champion, Tans; reserve champion, Crème d’Argent; reserve champion, Mini Lop; reserve champion, Flemish Giant

• Anne Schauer, Carpio, champion, Mini Lop