Youth place in 4-H consumer choices contest at N.D. State Fair

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More than 90 youth participated in the 4-H consumer choices contest at the 2016 North Dakota State Fair in Minot. The contest is designed to educate youth about making better consumer decisions.

The senior division had 12 teams with 39 individuals, and the junior division had 16 teams with 53 individuals.

The first-place senior team will represent North Dakota in the Consumer Decision Making contest at the Western National Roundup in Denver, Colo., in January.

The top teams and individuals are listed by placing:

Senior Teams

• First, Oliver County – Abby Hintz, Charlie Liffrig, William Liffrig, Morgyn Miller, Kaitlyn Peterson

• Second, Walsh County – Sydney Beneda, Sara Hodek, Beatrice Kjelland, Sandra Kjelland, Toby Zikmund

• Third, Cass County – Emily Christmann, Rachel Danielson, Josie Mohror, Anna Skarphol

• Fourth, Cavalier County – April Kratcha, Erin Morstad, Chris Morstad

• Fifth, Grand Forks County – Alanna Ivers, Gretchen Ivers, Morgan Palmer, Aaron Waterman, Samuel Waterman

Senior Individuals

• First – Ryan Janish, Barnes County

• Second – Anna Skarphol, Cass County

• Third – Wesley Kemp, Pembina County

• Fourth – Gretchen Ivers, Grand Forks County

• Fifth – William Liffrig, Oliver County

• Sixth – Abby Hintz, Oliver County

• Seventh – Morgyn Miller, Oliver County

• Eighth – Beatrice Kjelland, Walsh County

• Ninth – Emily Christmann, Cass County

• 10th – Marisa Smith, Sargent County

Junior Teams

• First, Walsh County – Marit Ellingson, Brandon Houser, Justin Klose, Annah Zikmund, Zach Zikmund

• Second, Pembina County – Lily Crosby, Lydia Gauthier, Noah Helgoe, Laney LeTexier, Emily Sharp

• Third, Morton County – Frankie Barry, Grace Berger, Ashton Boehm, Sarah Dorrheim, John Goettle

• Fourth, Oliver County – Wilton Henke, Teanna Hintz, Olivia Klein, Londyn Sackman

• Fifth, Cass County – Linnea Axtman, Damon Magney, Sam Radermacher, Emily Zurn

Junior Individuals

• First – Faith Norby, Dunn County

• Second – Annah Zikmund, Walsh County

• Third – Noah Helgoe, Pembina County

• Fourth – Kade Palmer, Grand Forks County

• Fifth – Zach Zikmund, Walsh County

• Sixth – Reilly Meyer, Stark-Billings County

• Seventh – Linnea Axtman, Cass County

• Eighth – Lily Crosby, Pembina County

• Ninth – Grace Berger, Morton County

• 10th – Sam Radermacher, Cass County