Grain buyers from Middle East, North Africa to join Export Exchange 2016 trade teams

Farm Forum

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) is pleased to announce companies from the Middle East and North Africa with representatives planning to join trade teams traveling to Export Exchange 2016.

Export Exchange is a forum for education and trade of U.S. feed grains that will host nearly 200 international buyers and end-users from more than 33 countries organized into 19 USGC trade teams. The biennial conference, scheduled for Oct 24 – 26 in Detroit, Michigan, is sponsored by USGC and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA).

The Middle East and North Africa are two regions with rapidly expanding markets and interests in corn and distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS), a co-product of ethanol production. Countries with representation at Export Exchange 2016 will include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey.

“This premier event brings together key feed grain importers from around the world in one forum to meet with members of the U.S. grains industry right as the 2016 grain harvest is coming to a close,” said Lyndsey Erb, USGC director of industry relations.

“We are excited to host our global customers at the Export Exchange conference, including those on the five trade teams with buyers from the Middle East and North Africa.”

The Council’s ongoing work in the Middle East and North Africa reflects a burgeoning interest in corn and its co-products. Programs in the regions are focused on market development and demand building for feed grains, specifically for dairy and poultry, and targeted marketing for corn, DDGS and sorghum.

Export Exchange allows attendees to do business and form relationships with buyers in person and in one location. These two factors make the event a highly successful contributor to feed grain sales, with 2014 Export Exchange participants reporting sales of more than $900 million during the conference.