Planning an Angus sale?

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If you’re planning an Angus sale this fall, be sure to contact the American Angus Association and request a complimentary sale day kit, which includes educational resources, posters and information on Association programs and services. Submit an order today to ensure it arrives on the ranch in time for sale day.

The kits come in three types — one tailored specifically toward female sales, another for bull sales, and the third for bull and female sales. Each kit includes various literature and posters in quantities of 10 to 25.

Sale day kits include information on what potential customers should know about the breed and its programs and services, including specific information on AngusSource, AAA Login, Beef Improvement Records, Certified Angus Beef LLC, the Angus Foundation and many others. Buyer guides, beef improvement information and full-color posters are a few of the additional items that are available.

Depending on the type of kit requested, materials include:

• 10 regular and junior membership applications.

• 10 junior member Guide to Success books.

• 10 Supplying the Brand books.

• 10 Angus Foundation brochures.

• 20 Beef Improvement Record books.

• 10 Bull Buying Strategies books.

• 20 Angus Advantage books.

• 10 AngusSource brochures.

• 25 Tag Store postcards.

• 10 Member Login brochures.

• 15 Pocket Bull Buying Guides.

• 10 each of the 11 x 14 bull, cow-calf and calf pictures.

• 10 Notebook Beef Charts.

• 1 steer poster, 1 bull poster, 2 large Angus posters.

• 6 over the wire hangers.

• 5 cow-calf Best Practices brochures.

• 3 The Power of One Bull posters.

• 3 The Power of One Brand posters (Certified Angus Beef).

• 3 AngusSource posters.

To order a sale day kit, go online or contact the Association’s Communications Department at 816-383-5100.