Impressive performance documented in first season for corn herbicide

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INDIANAPOLIS — New Resicore corn herbicide is showing growers and ag retailers across the Midwest long-awaited results for weed control.

The 2016 season marks the first time Resicore has been available for corn growers to use in their fields. The herbicide provides extended residual control and multiple modes of action. Growers and retailers using Resicore are reporting contained weed pressure several weeks after application.

Northern Illinois ag retailer Randy Pauli recommended Resicore, and the results, he says, were impressive chiefly on waterhemp. Waterhemp has a history of breaking through herbicide applications early in the season. Resicore prevented waterhemp from creeping back into the fields with residual control lasting for six weeks.

“I wanted a product that would be very strong to keep our populations low — knowing that we have heavy weed infestations on these farms,” says Pauli, referring specifically to a recent rise of herbicide-resistant waterhemp. “[Resicore] is a state-of-the-art chemistry that actually gives us the longest residual against waterhemp, and that’s a prime example in this field.”

Pauli tank-mixed Resicore with atrazine to boost the treatment to four modes of action, which controlled waterhemp, as well as species such as giant ragweed and marestail.

“The products that we have mainly been using the last couple of years were not doing a good job of holding down waterhemp,” Pauli says. “Waterhemp is resistant to so many chemistry modes that we need a new product such as Resicore that will work on waterhemp preemergence before the weed ever gets started.”

Clean rows at canopy closure key to crop success

The residual control Resicore provides kept fields clean through the crop’s canopy closure, Pauli says. Once the crop reaches canopy, sunlight is prevented from reaching the soil, which subsequently reduces the chance for weeds to emerge the rest of the season.

Corn and soybean grower Steve Plambeck from Kenesaw, Nebraska, custom-applied Resicore at the end of April. Due to resistance issues and tough weeds like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, Plambeck said, he was in need of a product with multiple modes of action that is effective on these broadleaf species. Resicore not only worked but also kept his fields clean until the corn reached canopy.

“I kept watching the fields, and you always expect a few escapes, and this was really staying clean,” Plambeck says. “It’s really impressive and it’s great to not have to go back and rescue anything.”

Resicore is a novel, easy to use formulation of three leading active ingredients with three non-glyphosate and non-atrazine modes of action to control more than 70 broadleaf weeds and grasses, says Lyndsie Kaehler, corn herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences.

“Resicore was designed to give growers the power over weeds they need for resounding yield potential at harvest,” Kaehler says. “Resicore has performed very well in the first season by providing extended residual control of many troublesome weed species.”

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