Monsanto Seed applied solutions launches 360-degree video demonstration during Farm Progress Show 2016

Farm Forum

Growers attending Farm Progress Show 2016 will be among the first to experience 360-degree video technology that is an entirely new way to see underground crop development and the protection needed from harmful pests and disease pressures. As the viewer tilts the camera-based technology up, down, left and right, they will see how technology based on naturally-occurring microbials works seamlessly with conventional seed-applied products in an innovative new way to combat pests and increase plant health.

“This type of 360-degree video technology not only explains, but actually shows farmers how the Seed Applied Solutions offering contributes to our systems approach as one of our most advanced way to increase yield,” said Brent Craig, North America Seed Applied Solutions Lead. “This user-driven, immersive video allows us to demonstrate a complex approach in a simple, easy-to-understand way – a demonstration that shows natural microbes working with chemistry above and below ground to support healthier plants. Initial feedback from engagement with our 360-degree video technology has been extremely positive and we can’t wait to hear more from our growers during the Farm Progress Show.

Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions and Monsanto BioAg have partnered to form the Seed Applied Solutions division of Monsanto, which is part of the company’s systems approach to farming. This approach, while complex, is easy to understand as the viewer moves the 360-degree video to look at above and below ground challenges facing each seed during planting and throughout the growing season.

“In order to better understand and explain how this approach functions, we needed a visual medium with a 360-degree view of the products interacting with the seed both above and below ground. By allowing natural microbials products to work with proven seed-applied products, growers are able to fully support the potential of each seed they plant,” Craig said. “Modern farming technologies are constantly evolving and new approaches, like Seed Applied Solutions, have allowed growers to maximize their operation’s yield potential year after year.”

Growers can experience the 360-degree view of the Seed Applied Solutions offering during the 2016 Farm Progress Show at booths 856, 960, or 418 or by visiting Also, follow #SAS360 on Twitter. Discover more information on the Seed Applied Solutions approach: