Dairy Products Judging Team wins regional contest

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BROOKINGS — South Dakota State University’s Dairy Products Judging Team placed first in All Products at the 2016 Midwest Regional Collegiate Dairy Products Judging Contest, held Oct. 22 at Kraft Heinz Technology Center in Glenview, Ill. The team also placed first in yogurt, Cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, butter, and ice cream. A total of 37 undergraduate and graduate contestants from 9 universities participated in the contest.

SDSU team members were Bennet Baker, St. Peter, Minn.; Katelyn Johnson, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; Krista Johnson, Russell, Minn.; and Steve Beckman, Lincoln, Neb. The team is coached by Lloyd Metzger, SDSU professor of dairy science and Alfred Chair in dairy education, and Natasha Laska, SDSU graduate student.

Krista placed first overall and first in butter, second in yogurt, ice cream and cottage cheese as well as fifth in milk and Cheddar cheese. As top judge at the regional contest, Krista received the Carl Ziesemer Award. Bennet placed second overall, first in cottage cheese and yogurt, second in Cheddar cheese, and third in butter and ice cream. Katelyn was ninth overall and placed sixth in cottage cheese. In the graduate student contest, Steve placed seventh overall and was first in ice cream and fourth in Cheddar cheese. The contest was hosted by Kraft Heinz Company, and sponsored by 24 dairy companies and suppliers.

Dr. Vikram Mistry, head of the Department of Dairy and Food Science Department says “I am very proud of our students and coaches. Dr. Lloyd Metzger has been excellent over the years in teaching our students very valuable skills in evaluating dairy products. These skills eventually make our students in high demand in the dairy industry all over the country. These are indeed the best students who will soon become leaders in the industry!”

About the SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department

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