100 bales burned near Groton; site of Oct. 28 slough fire smoldering

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Dry conditions contributed to a controlled burn getting out of hand Monday near Groton.

About 100 hay bales caught fire during a controlled burn, endangering a nearby storage shed about 3 miles north of Groton. Groton Area Fire & Rescue as well as the Columbia and Claremont fire departments responded to the 11 a.m. call Monday at 12897 407th Ave., said Scott Meints, Brown County Emergency Management director.

“If you’re going to have a controlled burn you need to be darn careful,” he said. “It’s so dry right now that it doesn’t take much.”

There’s no burn ban in place in Brown County, but conditions are very dry and people need to be prepared for a controlled burn getting out of control, he said.

According to scanner reports, the controlled burn was to destroy bad bales.

No injuries were reported.

Slough fire

Volunteer firefighters from Warner and Aberdeen Rural were back at the scene Monday of the slough fire where an estimated 750 acres burned on Oct. 28. A tractor and truck were burned in the fire, which was about 3 miles north of Warner.

Warner Fire Chief John Braun said according to information from his assistant fire chief, an area approximately 75 feet by 150 feet long was smoldering Monday. Within that area, he said, about 200 little areas were burning.

Braun said it was the fourth time firefighters were called back since the original fire. The fire never got out of control Monday, Braun said, but Aberdeen Rural was called to assist Warner. Disc equipment was called for to help till the ground. He said the fire was smoldering in the cattail roots and reigniting.

“We need some snow,” Braun said.

Snow, rain or cooler temperatures without wind would help, he said.